What To Expect

Thinking about attending one of our Weekend services?

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

A PLACE TO BELONG. We welcome everyone with open arms. Whether this is your first time to step foot in a Church or you’ve been a part of Christian community your whole life – you will be welcomed here with a smile, friendly handshake, or even a hug (if you want one!). We are casual group you will find people dressed in jeans and t-shirt to casual business attire. Jesus does not care.

A PLACE TO BELIEVE. Our Weekend Gatherings are simple in form: centered on God’s grace and driven by God’s word. From singing songs, to praying to God, to learning from God’s Word…we focus on what matters most in this life, Jesus. We value God’s word highly and preach and learn His word by going through books of the Bible or sections of the Bible asking what does the Bible teach us about God, reveal about ourselves (good or bad) and ask, how do we apply God’s truth to our lives. Our prayer is that you will find this to be a place to learn about Jesus, explore what faith in him looks like, and express what you believe about God based upon His word.

A WONDERFUL PLACE TO BRING YOUR KIDS. We believe that Children are not just the future of the Church, they ARE the Church. From nursery, K-to-6th grade we offer programs tailor made for whatever age your young ones are. We also have a youth community group that meets throughout the month for middle and High School students.

Our Sunday Location

We meet online every Sunday morning starting at 10:30 a.m. with a Prayer meeting in Zoom and then a Watch/Worship service together on our Facebook page. See our Events page for more information.
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